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16th November, 2016
sun, sunset, Lake District, couple, silhouette, climate change

Images from a Warming Planet: New Photo Book Documents Climate Change in Pictures

Like many photographers, Ashley Cooper is a well-travelled man. But his adventures have been rather more focused than others’ in his field. Today, Ashley launches a mammoth photographic documentation of our warming planet, its changing climate and people’s attempts to mitigate the impact. To produce it, he witnessed bushfires in Australia, stood under the towering chimneys of [...]
5th May, 2017
Hope foundation, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India, toe painter

Why Positive Images Must Prevail

The time for ‘poverty porn’ has well and truly passed, in our view (if, indeed, there ever was one). Yet we still sometimes come across some very negative and degrading portrayals of people and places within development-related communications. As a visual communications company, we take our responsibility for representing people seriously. We believe that there’s already enough bad news [...]