Young African Leaders Initiative (Kenya) – Inspiring Young Leaders

Institute of Global Development (Africa) – Using Business to Drive Development
20th May, 2017
Kenya Red Cross – Heroes 3nine5
20th May, 2017
    A young man enters a building. The camera focuses clearly on his identity badge, inviting viewers to ponder its significance within this visual story. The narrative then takes them on a journey that demonstrates what the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) means to its participants. United States President Barack Obama established YALI in 2010, and this significant investment was representative of the US Government’s pledge to support young Africans in the years that followed. As well as providing access to training in leadership and entrepreneurial skills, networking events, alumni support and other online professional development opportunities for the fortunate young people selected, YALI has inspired African youth to pursue the values that underpin democracy, peace and security. Our Nairobi-based videographer, Ahmed, has lent his creativity and talent to documenting YALI’s successes across each of the cycles of graduation since the Initiative began, as well as producing promotional videos for its website.