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MedAfrica Mobile App
20th January, 2017
World Vision Sharepoint User Interface
20th January, 2017
    Imagine: you’re out in the wilderness, trying to document biodiversity with a clipboard… and then it rains! There’s mud on your printed Excel sheet and your pen stops working. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app that could improve data collection, analysis and sharing? Our developer has made this possible. With support from USAID, @iLabAfrica has been able to assist East African conservationists with the resulting app, which stores data in a cloud database.

    Based in Kenya, Renson is a web and mobile app designer with additional expertise in image editing. The apps and open source platforms he has collaborated on so far, such as the seminal Ushahidi application, are revolutionising the field of communication for social development, justice and environmental sustainability.