Video Portfolio

With over 20 videographers based across the globe who, between them, are able to work in a vast number of languages, we are well-placed to respond to your videography needs wherever your subjects may be. We can produce a variety of different video styles, from documentaries and talking heads to whiteboard videos and other forms of animation. Our team of writers can also lend support with scriptwriting, while our multilingual editors can weave in subtitles and/or voiceovers as well as music for any mood.

All of our videographers are trained in rapport building and interview techniques, and are sure to seek informed consent prior to filming. We are also known for using minimum impact methods. Indeed, because each of our multi-talented field workers is skilled across a number of competencies, there is seldom the need to deploy a whole film crew; needless to say, this makes us a lot more economical! View any of the videos below to see what we can do.