USAID (Nigeria) – Bits of Borno: Photography as a Counter Narrative

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21st May, 2017
EcoMicro (Mexico) – Latin America
20th May, 2017
    Fati lives in Maiduguri in the Nigerian state of Borno. This is also where the militant Islamic group, Boko Haram, originates from. Fati has witnessed the impact of violent conflict first-hand. But unlike many of her friends who fled from Maiguduri to safer parts of Nigeria, she saw hope in the positive, inspiring people who stayed behind and the things they continued to do in Borno every day. She decided to make sure that the world knew about them, too. Fati took up photography, and through Instagram she has created a counter narrative to the stories of violence and despair, depicting everyday life and diverse images of inspiring people. USAID has supported Fati by funding a travelling exhibition of her images.