USAID Egypt communications toolkit

WSUP human centered design report
20th January, 2017
Best of Oxfam
19th January, 2017
    As well as communicating the results and impact of fantastic projects to donors, we also work on communication aids for achieving development outcomes (known as ‘C4D’). Our Egypt-based designer Fady not only developed behaviour change materials for this USAID-funded sanitation project, he also designed the cover for a toolkit to help enable others to carry out similar projects.

    The publication, aimed at Egyptian water and wastewater management companies, is a users’ guide to raising public awareness around sanitation issues. The cover design needed to depict both cleanliness and trust. Fady, who is also a talented video editor, is hugely experienced in meeting the visual communication needs of development-oriented clients. His portfolio includes work for such illustrious names as The World Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and Unicef.