United Methodist Women (Zimbabwe) – Midwives for a Better Tomorrow

End FGM European Network (Belgium) – European Ambassadors Speak out Against FGM
21st May, 2017
AMREF Canada (Ethiopia) – I Want to be a Midwife
21st May, 2017
    “I have a dream”, says Glenda. “I want to set up my own obstetrics clinic”. These are the first words we hear in this short video, which follows Glenda’s class of trainee midwives and explores their reasons for choosing this path. Paulo, our expert maternal health videographer, was commissioned by United Methodist Women to produce a short film for a conference that some of its staff were due to attend. Filmed in Nyadere, Zimbabwe, he was responsible for guiding the client in conceptualisation, scriptwriting and the transmission of key messages. He felt motivated by the fact that maternal health issues were given so little coverage in the press, and went onto embark on a personal project to highlight this global problem and its solutions. Paulo’s passion and personal interest really shine through in this video, as well as his strong capacity to gain people’s trust and their permission to witness intimate moments. Watch the film for a powerful insight into the importance of training midwives to reduce maternal mortality across Africa.