UN Volunteers – Securing Rights for Stateless Children in Lebanon

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21st May, 2017
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21st May, 2017
    Thousands of volunteers dedicate their time and energy to the United Nations’ missions each year. Our videographer, Chris, set out to document and celebrate the fantastic work of just some of these through a series of short films that were used to launch the ‘State of the World’s Volunteerism’ report in 2015. This video, shot in Lebanon, shines light on a women’s organisation that stood up against the government’s nationality law and succeeded in prompting change. Previously, a child born in Lebanon would automatically take his or her father’s nationality. With so many migrants and refugees, this was effectively causing statelessness for many children (those with Syrian fathers, for example), who were in turn unable to exercise various human rights or access public health services or state schools. A group of mothers, assisted by a local legal organisation supported by UN Volunteers (UNV), has since managed to secure rights for their children.