The Girl Effect – Ni Nyampinga Rwanda: Made By Girls, For Girls

Girls Gotta Run Foundation (Ethiopia) – Girls Gotta Run
20th May, 2017
Save the Children (Egypt) – ‘She Can Do’: A Youth in Action Zine
20th May, 2017
    The tiny East African nation of Rwanda is home to over a million teenage girls. In 2010, only 5% of these girls completed secondary education. Girl Effect (formerly a project of Nike Foundation) had found a problem to solve, and it tackled it not through typical NGO-style interventions, but through branding and communication. Ni Nyampinga is a social movement, and an inspiring force for girls who want to play their part in Rwanda’s transformation. It has a quarterly magazine and a weekly radio show, but reaches far beyond this in its essence, giving girls reasons to aspire, role models to follow and a sense of belonging. Watch this creation of Harrison’s, one of our Kenya-based videographers, to find out more about how Rwanda’s girls are benefiting from the movement. Though Ni Nyampinga means ‘girl from the hills’, these girls are clearly on top of the hill and taking further strides beyond.