Shell Foundation (Kenya)﹣SparkMeter

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25th April, 2018
Shell Foundation (Uganda)﹣SafeBoda
24th April, 2018
    What do popcorn, a hairdresser and DVDs all have in common? In order to operate, they all need electric power! The majority of the residents of Kitobo Island, on Lake Victoria in Uganda, have never had access to electricity. Physical isolation is a huge barrier to many development projects. Often, ‘standard’ community development strategies are impractical in remote locations, which too frequently means the people there get left behind.

    Shell Foundation prides itself on applying business thinking to addressing development challenges. Established by Shell, the wholly independent charity draws on the considerable business expertise of its founders to support social enterprises in finding innovative solutions to social and environmental issues. In Kitobo, it has teamed up with SparkMeter to solve the challenge of establishing a power grid on such a physically remote island. It has done this by leveraging the power of the sun.

    Travelling to Kitobo took our videographer quite some time – a long bus ride to Lake Victoria followed by a two-hour boat ride! The video he’s produced pulls the viewer into the heart of the island’s community and highlights the positive impact that this renewable energy project has had on Kitobo’s development. It illustrates how being connected to a solar-powered microgrid has dramatically changed the lives and businesses of many of its residents, while others – especially the children – are excited particularly by the novelty of the popcorn poppers!