Shell Foundation (Kenya)﹣Sistema BioBolsa

Shell Foundation (Uganda)﹣SafeBoda
24th April, 2018
Informa Plc (South Africa)﹣AfricaCom 2020 (Part 1): Making an Impact on Cape Town
8th December, 2017
    How do bacteria and cow dung empower women and families in Africa? The answer is that when placed together into a biodigester, they create biofuels, which can then be used as a renewable energy source to help drive community development.

    Shell Foundation was established by Shell as an independent charity that uses expert insights from the world of business to support social enterprises in their work to address social and environmental challenges. When it saw the potential that biodigesters have to encourage rural development through the production of renewable energy, it partnered with leading social enterprise Sistema BioBolsa to finance an installation programme for communities near Nairobi.

    One of our Kenya-based videographers visited several communities where Sistema projects have been implemented. This upbeat and punchy video draws on his conversations with the project’s beneficiaries to explain how these systems work and how they empower families.