Photography Portfolio

As experts in visual storytelling, we are passionate about images. Our photographers know how to tailor their shots to meet our clients’ communication and messaging needs. Our stunning, positive and compelling images have been used to sway donors, to bring case studies and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to life and to prompt behaviour change among beneficiaries, as well as simply to make reports a whole lot more readable. Most importantly, through our photographs we have established a track record for changing opinions and mindsets, harnessing support and connecting people who are oceans apart.

Our photographers are trained in respectful, ethical interview techniques and always seek informed consent before capturing any images. We avoid focusing on poverty in isolation and we pride ourselves on portraying positive change and empowerment. View any of the galleries below to see for yourself.

  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Philippines

    Makati City lies within the Philippines’ Metro Manila area, not far from the coast. It is best known for its wealth-injected business district, modern skyscrapers and […]
  • Oxfam – Vietnam

    Giving an overview of 22 of Oxfam’s projects in Vietnam, these images span the country’s coastlines, mountains, cities and lush green paddy fields. From sustainable livelihoods […]
  • SignHealth Uganda – Uganda

    In rural Uganda, children born with hearing impairments are typically considered a bad omen and face exclusion and discrimination. With the support of British charity Signal […]
  • EngenderHealth – India

    Reaching remote communities in order to prompt behaviour change can be extremely challenging if done through external intervention. So, to improve the sexual and maternal health […]
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Vietnam

    The Vietnamese city of Can Tho is located in the low-lying Mekong Delta, and is widely known for its canal network and floating markets. The disadvantages […]
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Indonesia (Semarang)

    Semarang is a port city, which lies on the north coast of Java, Indonesia. During recent decades, in a manner that’s similar to the plight of […]
  • CBM / Mobility India – India

    Living with a disability comes with obvious challenges. But in Chamrajnagar, South India, a partnership between CBM and Mobility India has helped to put disabled children […]
  • World Renew – Uganda

    How can conservation agriculture lift people out of poverty? Various communities in Kaberamaido District in Eastern Uganda have been finding out. In the Lake Kyoga area […]
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – India

    Slum dwellings are notorious for open sewers, stagnant water and poor sanitation standards. But in one town in Indore in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh […]
  • AfDB – Togo

    In this gallery, we meet Djabo and her classmates. As the first female to graduate from Togo’s Regional Centre for Highway Maintenance Training in Lomé, Djabo […]
  • AfDB – Chad (CEMAC)

    Although Chad shares borders with six other African nations, its connections with its neighbours have hardly been exploited economically so far. In 2016, the African Development […]
  • Adam Smith International / CRIDF – Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe’s Masvingo Basin is prone to severe drought. We were delighted to play a role in strengthening an application to DfID for further funding to address […]
  • AfDB – Chad (Koumra Sarh)

    For this assignment, we deployed one of our photographers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south of Chad to visually document the ‘gender dividend’ […]
  • The Rockefeller Foundation – Indonesia (Bandar Lampung)

    The question of how we implement the changes necessary to adapt to climate change is a complex one. But most would agree with the need to […]
  • We Effect – Vietnam

    Access to markets can spell significant changes for individuals’ income and prospects. People in Huy Tuong, in Vietnam’s Son La Province, are proving this point very […]