More Than Me Foundation (Liberia) – Meet Ruth AKA ‘Roota’

Liberian Ministry of Education – Getting to Best for Liberia’s Children
20th May, 2017
Institute of Global Development (Africa) – Using Business to Drive Development
20th May, 2017
    In West Point, a slum on the outskirts of Monrovia, thousands of Liberians live in cramped, unsanitary conditions. This upbeat, energetic video serves as an excellent counterpoint to many of the typical narratives surrounding slum dwellers. We meet a feisty, 14-year-old school girl who’s gaining confidence and happiness through rapping. Ruth attends the More Than Me school, a unique education project delivered by the American non-profit of the same name. In response to the lack of resources and low standards in Monrovia’s schools, More Than Me’s first achievement was to turn a disused building into a fully-functioning, well-equipped school. While the organisation has gone on to establish a further six schools, funding and training teachers along the way, the students at its flagship school have been growing into well-rounded, confident, empowered individuals, just like Ruth. Tune into this video to judge her rapping skills for yourself!