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20th January, 2017
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20th January, 2017
    These days, many of us use Google to self-diagnose when we experience strange physical symptoms, but we often experience a niggling doubt about whether what we’ve read on an online forum or portal is accurate or trustworthy. Shimba Technologies’ MedAfrica mobile application, available across the African continent, allows users to diagnose their health problems more reliably with the swipe of a finger. In rural areas, where access to health services may be tricky, this is a valuable tool. It also provides users with a directory of doctors and hospitals within reach.

    Renson is an experienced computer programmer, with expertise in both web and mobile ecosystems. He gained a working knowledge of development issues through his previous association with @iLabAfrica, an innovative research unit that was established to address the Millennium Development Goals using information and communications technology (ICT).