Liberian Ministry of Education – Getting to Best for Liberia’s Children

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20th May, 2017
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20th May, 2017
    Low teacher salaries and school fees falling into the wrong hands are two of the key challenges that contribute to Liberia’s underperforming education system. Discouraged by low wages and the inability to even draw their money from the bank owing to ID restrictions, it’s sadly rather common to find a classroom full of children learning by themselves, due to teacher absenteeism. In response to this, the country’s Ministry of Education launched a teacher verification system in 2015, which required teachers to identify themselves and clock in and out of their schools each day using their fingerprints. The system also enables the government to track teachers’ qualifications and their proximity to retirement. Watch our West Africa-based videographer Thomas’ artfully-shot, lively short film to learn more. This video was commissioned by FHI360, in partnership with USAID, for Liberia’s Ministry of Education.