Kenya Red Cross – Heroes 3nine5

Young African Leaders Initiative (Kenya) – Inspiring Young Leaders
20th May, 2017
UNICEF Pakistan ‘Spacing the campaigns’ Infographic
20th March, 2017
    From the sirens and action scenes at the start of this footage, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a fictional TV hospital drama is coming up. In fact, this is real life drama and it features real life heroes in action, framed for public broadcast. The short clip is a promotional trailer for a television show about the Kenya Red Cross, named ‘Heroes 3nine5’ after Kenya’s emergency telephone number. With the largest fleet of ambulances in the country, Kenya’s Red Cross essentially equates to the national emergency services. Ahmed, one of our Nairobi-based videographers, produced this trailer and a one-off concept show. Their success translated into the subsequent production of a full series. By ‘dramatising’ experiences from the roads in a behind-the-scenes manner and sharing the determined and selfless efforts of the organisation’s volunteers, the programme pays homage to these local humanitarian heroes.