Jalisco Como Vamos Urban Perception Poll Infographic

Asian Development Bank Greater Mekong Website
20th January, 2017
FAO Pakistan IDPs and returnees’ livelihood sources – Infographic using GIS
20th January, 2017
    Beautiful and bustling Guadelajara is a city in South West Mexico famous for mariachi music. But what is day to day life really like for local people there? Indeed, how often are we given the chance to voice our opinions on how well our cities work for us? Jalisco Como Vamos conducts annual opinion polls to build an understanding of Guadelajara population’s needs and views on quality of life there. When so much data is collected, it’s vital that it’s presented in a way that’s accessible and user-friendly for stakeholders, both town planners and the public alike.

    Juan Pablo, our Mexican designer who’s now based in Italy, thrives on interesting statistics and finding ways to visualise them. Each year, he works closely with Jalisco Como Vamos’ team to create infographics, charts and other creative content to display the polls’ findings.

    Juan Pablo’s design career began in 2008. His impressive skillset includes illustration, mobile app design, film editing, script writing and interior design. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Design and Innovation for Humanitarian Emergencies in order to further apply his creativity to the development sector.