International Rescue Committee (IRC) – Rebuilding Afghanistan

WWF billboard for its Kenya launch
4th July, 2017
Norwegian Refugee Council (Afghanistan) – Education for Girls
15th June, 2017
    “If you study hard, you can make your life better and get out of these tents”, a young teacher tells her students at a refugee camp in Kabul. She explains that her role involves teaching and promoting good hygiene practices, in addition to delivering her usual lessons. This camp has received support from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), as part of its involvement in rebuilding post-war Afghanistan. The organisation has been active in the country for 13 years, backing the government in the implementation of its National Solidarity Programme and supporting village shuras (participatory decision-making groups) with the aim of facilitating society’s transition towards democracy.

    Our Kabul-based videographer created this compilation of Afghan voices to showcase the valuable work of the IRC. Her knowledge of Afghan culture and ability to speak Dari help her put people at ease and gain their trust. The result is candid and captivating visual insights into their worlds.