Informa Plc (South Africa)﹣AfricaCom 2020 (Part 1): Making an Impact on Cape Town

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23rd April, 2018
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    AfricaCom is Africa’s largest conference on technology and telecommunications. The event is run by Informa plc, a company that specialises in business intelligence. The conference, held annually in Cape Town, South Africa, brings together experts, scholars, investors, businesses, start-ups and leaders of various types from around Africa, providing opportunities for them to network and discuss the latest trends and developments.

    Part One of our video mini series takes viewers through the key themes of AfricaCom: economic development, social empowerment and digital connectivity. You’ll gain an understanding of what makes it a unique and cutting-edge event, and how it positively impacts Cape Town’s local economy, too. Watch to see what’s new and exciting, and how it’s using digital connectivity as a force for good.