Girl Effect’s Ni Nyampinga magazine in Rwanda

Ni Nyampinga billboards for Girl Effect in Rwanda
4th July, 2017
WWF Coastal East Africa infographic
4th July, 2017
    Two million copies of the Ni Nyampinga magazine are distributed to schools across Rwanda each quarter, completely free of charge. But Ni Nyampinga is more than a magazine; it’s a social movement and a tool for helping young girls develop their aspirations and beliefs about their potential. Using a variety of mediums that ‘speak’ to girls, from popular music to radio shows, the brand highlights female role models and learning opportunities. Girl Effect asked Harrison, one of our multi-talented creative associates (a designer, photographer and videographer), to be part of the team that conceptualised the brand identity. He applied his creativity and understanding of the underlying development issues to devise attractive, colourful magazine spreads like this one.