End FGM European Network (Belgium) – European Ambassadors Speak out Against FGM

USAID – Haiti: Changing Lives through Agricultural Development
21st May, 2017
United Methodist Women (Zimbabwe) – Midwives for a Better Tomorrow
21st May, 2017
    There are currently estimated to be three million girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide. This short video reminds us that with migration and diaspora communities as they are, this is not an Asian or African challenge, it’s a global challenge. The End FGM European Network is a collective of 18 organisations campaigning, raising awareness and lobbying on this issue across Europe. This poignant, powerful video introduces the Network’s ‘Ambassadors Programme’, and shows us how its advocates are aiming to bridge the generation gap through the use of music and dialogue. To produce this film, Paolo, our Italy-based videographer, travelled to Brussels to meet two of the network’s ambassadors.