Copenhagen Consensus Center (Denmark) – Green Revolution 2.0: Ensuring Food Security Through Agricultural R&D

Copenhagen Consensus Center (Denmark) – The World in 2030: Beyond the Millennium Development Goals
21st May, 2017
UN Volunteers – Securing Rights for Stateless Children in Lebanon
21st May, 2017
    According to the Copenhagen Consensus Center (CCC), almost one billion people around the globe go to bed hungry each night. Bjørn Lomborg, a respected professor, economist and Head of the CCC, believes that this number can be reduced by 250 million by the middle of the current century. How? By investing in agricultural research and development to catalyse a second Green Revolution. Watch this film to learn more about the benefits of developing more resilient crop varieties. Our UK-based videographer, Ivo, developed the script and concept for this feature in close collaboration with Lomborg, before going on to film the narration, direct the animation and edit the full video together.