AMREF Canada (Ethiopia) – I Want to be a Midwife

United Methodist Women (Zimbabwe) – Midwives for a Better Tomorrow
21st May, 2017
International Planned Parenthood Federation (Africa) – Transforming Lives
21st May, 2017
    We are fortunate to have the world’s most experienced maternal health videographer within our team. In this inspirational and uplifting short film, Paolo allows us to share in the lives of Omo Valley’s new midwife trainees in Ethiopia. Through a mixture of footage and intimate, still images set to audio recordings, we’re given an insight into the stories of the courageous, determined women of Jinka, Ethiopia, who have chosen to dedicate their lives to ensuring safe entries to motherhood for other women. Access to skilled care from a trained midwife during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery is vital to preserving a mother’s life and that of her child. As part of AMREF Canada’s ‘Stand Up for African Mothers’ campaign, and its wider goal to train 15,000 midwives by 2015, its midwifery training courses are actively working to reduce Ethiopia’s maternal mortality rate.