The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) assists its member states in combating the prevalence of illegal drug trafficking, terrorism […]

  • Asian Development Bank Greater Mekong Website

    Maps are an essential tool for the humanitarian sector. For this responsive website showcasing the work of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the Greater Mekong region, the map was customised with a specially designed interface that clearly located the projects the client was funding. […]
  • Illustrations for a public health campaign in Egypt

    How does one make wastewater management appealing? Our graphic designer combined his fluency in Arabic and his creative thinking with superb illustration skills to create this quirky poster. Its visuals inform the Egyptian public on how best to utilise World Bank-funded sanitation systems installed in a number of villages. […]
  • World Vision Sharepoint User Interface

    We understand that internal systems are as important as external ones when it comes to getting a job done. This intranet platform acts as an information portal for World Vision’s employees in the Philippines, allowing them to collaborate, access vital documents, keep up to date on announcements and share information. […]
  • Best of Oxfam

    ‘Best of Oxfam’ is a coffee table book made up of compelling images and human interest stories from Vietnam. This epic assignment involved sending our Vietnam-based photographers Linh and Lisa all around the country […]
  • USAID Egypt communications toolkit

    As well as communicating the results and impact of fantastic projects to donors, we also work on communication aids for achieving development outcomes (known as ‘C4D’). Our Egypt-based designer Fady not only developed behaviour change materials for this USAID-funded sanitation project, he also designed the cover for a toolkit to help enable others to carry out similar projects. […]
  • UNICEF Pakistan ‘Spacing the campaigns’ Infographic

    Tackling the polio virus is high on Unicef’s priority list, but vaccination campaigns are not always effectively planned and managed. Running campaigns too frequently has actually proven to deter families from participating; few people enjoy being vaccinated! This infographic for Unicef made the message to space out campaigns fun, bright and appealing for vaccination teams in Afghanistan and Pakistan. […]
  • UNDP Papua New Guinea infographic

    How do extractive industries contribute to international development? In Papua New Guinea, the United Nations produced a detailed technical report answering this very question. Such reports certainly aren’t easily digestible for everyone, so our designer created this eye-catching, visual summary. […]
  • Wild Mobile App

    Imagine: you’re out in the wilderness, trying to document biodiversity with a clipboard… and then it rains! There’s mud on your printed Excel sheet and your pen stops working. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app that could improve data collection, analysis and sharing? Our developer has made this possible. With support from USAID, @iLabAfrica has been able to assist East African conservationists with the resulting app, which stores data in a cloud database. […]
  • WSUP human centered design report

    The inadequacies of toilet access in Bangladesh might not seem like a topic that would lend itself naturally to beautiful aesthetic design, and yet […]
  • WWF Coastal East Africa infographic

    World Oceans Day falls on 8th June each year. It’s a good opportunity for conservation NGOs to inform the public of what’s going on in […]
  • Ushahidi Mobile App

    Ushahidi means ‘testimony’ in Swahili. During the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya, many people witnessed human rights abuses and did not know where to report what they’d seen. Seeing that the media was failing to capture the extent of the violence, a team of bloggers and technophiles took action, creating […]
  • MedAfrica Mobile App

    These days, many of us use Google to self-diagnose when we experience strange physical symptoms, but we often experience a niggling doubt about whether what we’ve read on an online forum or portal is accurate or trustworthy. Shimba Technologies’ MedAfrica mobile application, available across the African continent, allows users to […]
  • Jalisco Como Vamos Urban Perception Poll Infographic

    Beautiful and bustling Guadelajara is a city in South West Mexico famous for mariachi music. But what is day to day life really like for local people there? Indeed, how often are we given the chance to voice our […]
  • Girl Effect’s Ni Nyampinga magazine in Rwanda

    Two million copies of the Ni Nyampinga magazine are distributed to schools across Rwanda each quarter, completely free of charge. But Ni Nyampinga is […]
  • Ni Nyampinga billboards for Girl Effect in Rwanda

    These warm, vibrant images can be seen on billboards across Rwanda. Supporting Girl Effect’s Ni Nyampinga brand, the eye-catching advertisements […]
  • WWF Kenya newspaper advert

    In a country as rich in wildlife as Kenya, conservation is high on the agenda for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). In October 2016 […]
  • WWF billboard for its Kenya launch

    The Worldwide Fund for Nature, more commonly known as the WWF, established its first branch in Kenya in October 2016. Although the […]
  • FAO Pakistan IDPs and returnees’ livelihood sources – Infographic using GIS

    When people are forced to flee or migrate, their livelihood sources become turbulent and fragmented. Having accurate information on coping strategies allows humanitarian food security interventions to be planned more effectively. Using data from surveys conducted by UNOCHA’s Food Security Cluster (Pakistan) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), as […]
  • UNODC roller banner designs

    The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) assists its member states in combating the prevalence of illegal drug trafficking, terrorism […]