Shell Foundation (Uganda)﹣SafeBoda

Shell Foundation (Kenya)﹣SparkMeter
25th April, 2018
Shell Foundation (Kenya)﹣Sistema BioBolsa
23rd April, 2018
    Shell Foundation, an independent charity established by Shell, partners with social entrepreneurs around the world to tackle development problems using expert business strategies. In Uganda, it’s joined forces with SafeBoda to take on transportation and safety challenges. The social enterprise is attempting to provide safety and regulation to the country’s popular motorcycle taxis, called ‘boda bodas’. Motorcycle taxis are a necessary form of affordable transportation throughout Africa. Their small size helps prevent traffic congestion, and their manoeuvrability is more practical for the ubiquitous dirt roads

    Boda bodas have long been unregulated and frequently unsafe for both drivers and passengers. Shell Foundation recognised the potential for SafeBoda to provide an inventive solution to a public safety issue and stepped up to help with financing and provision of business-savvy advice. Now, the social enterprise is responsible for more than 20,000 safe rides per day in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

    One of our locally-based creatives travelled to Kampala to spend time with passengers, drivers and managers at SafeBoda. This video is a quirky, first-hand account of how the company is revolutionising Uganda’s boda boda system, making them safer for passengers and empowering their drivers in the process.