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8th March, 2017
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Four Fabulous Female-Focused CSR Schemes

It’s International Women’s Day! As the world turns its focus firmly to women’s issues and celebrates all things female, we’re featuring four fantastic corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects that are improving the lives of women and girls around the world. NGO-led projects focusing on women’s rights, gender equality, ending female genital mutilation and securing female empowerment have been [...]
6th February, 2017
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Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then Let Change Begin.

How do we educate people to make positive changes? Not everyone is always ready to listen, even to their peers. Expatriate NGO workers might come across as ‘superior’, failing to attempt to understand the reasons behind prevailing practices before preaching alternatives. We humans are more than capable of developing ourselves through transformative information and ideas, though. The [...]
5th January, 2017
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Innovations to Watch in the Humanitarian Sphere

As development communications professionals, we try to keep our finger on the pulse for new ways of working and sector-specific advances. In the vast majority of cases, the poor are left out of new innovations for some time, at least until they become dramatically more affordable for them. So the sooner development-minded organisations and businesses can get to grips with rapidly changing [...]
30th December, 2016
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Five Expected Communications Trends for 2017

As many of us move towards the Christmas rush and the end of another year, we at Communication for Development Ltd (CfD) are looking towards 2017 and pondering what it holds in store. What’s predicted to appear on innovative communications and PR professionals’ priority lists once we’re all back to work? What trends and developments do we need to keep up with? And how can our team [...]